"I'm supposed to be jaded by this point, but I'm not. I'm very honored. I want to thank all the autistic people I talked to and their families."

- Actor Dustin Hoffmann, on winning his Oscar for "Rain Man.""I felt I had a one-in-five chance at least. . . . I'm rather stunned."

- Geena Davis, joking backstage after winning Best Supporting Actress honors for "The Accidental Tourist."

"It is for us a Cinderella story. The picture was literally canceled three or four times."

- Dustin Hoffman, backstage after the ceremonies.

"The film got made because Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise wouldn't let it not be made."

- Ronald Bass, who co-wrote and won an Oscar for the "Rain Man" screenplay.

"I made a film about a poor immigrant from Denmark and here I am standing in my tuxedo with this shiny thing."

- Bille August, director of "Pelle the Conqueror," which won Best Foreign Language Film.