Firefighters and police officers say they did not find any animal carcasses or other signs of recent satanic rituals at the scene of a fire that destroyed an abandoned horse stable Saturday night.

Despite media reports that a dead dog was found in the destroyed structure at the mouth of Slate Canyon, Capt. George Pierpont, spokesman for the Provo Police Department, said Detective Toby O'Bryant, investigating officer, did not see a dead dog at the scene.Nor did Provo Fire Capt. Phil Harris, who initially directed firefighting efforts during the blaze Saturday night.

"I did not see any carcasses," Harris said. "There was a large amount of graffiti on the walls that had a lot sexual innuendos as well as satanic innuendos."

There have been numerous rumors that satanic rituals were being practiced at the horse stable over the past 12 years, Pierpont said.

The cause of the fire, which began shortly before 8 p.m., is being investigated by the Provo Fire and Police departments and the state fire marshal's office.