A reallocation of federal funds, including an additional $40,000 to operate the new senior citizens center in Kaysville, has been approved by the Davis Council of Governments.

Davis COG members also approved a $30,000 request by the Davis Council on Aging in February to conduct a survey of the county's senior citizens to determine what services they need.The survey is required to maintain part of the program's federal funding, council director Alice Johnson said.

COG members initially approved the $30,000 request but asked for a meeting with Johnson to determine if the survey could be done cheaper. Johnson later agreed to an $19,000 reduction.

With the $19,000 returned from the survey project and additional money, COG had $79,000 to allocate, said Syracuse Mayor DeLore Thurgood, a member of the COG subcommittee.

His committee recommended, and the COG members approved, $40,000 to the Davis County Aging Services for operation of the Kaysville senior center that is scheduled to open in May or June.

Also approved were an additional $20,000 to Clearfield for construction of a waterline to its Freeport Center; $14,000 to the county's revolving loan fund for economic development; and $5,000 to the Davis Housing Authority for low-income housing.