State Schools Superintendent James R. Moss believes he has accomplished in his 2 1/2-year tenure exactly what the State Board of Education hired him to do.

He claims credit for these accomplishments:- Re-organizing the State Office of Education, with requirements for strict accounting for finances and time, resolving criticisms contained in a negative legislative performance audit (aimed at weaknesses Moss says he inherited from previous administrations).

- Consolidation of some programs and appointment of in-house committees to support a "team" approach.

- Enhancement of vocational education through creation of a directors' council for the area vocational centers and through development of a state board/regents master plan that resolves historic governance issues.

- Development of a systematic budget preparation process both internally and externally.

- Instigation of better planning mechanisms.

- Creation of a strategic planning commission that has developed a direction for Utah education in the near future.

- Strengthening of ties between business and education.

- Encouragement of inter-district cooperation to offset a push for consolidation of some districts.

- Fostering of gender equity by hiring women to important positions in the state office.

- Creation of a strong public relations section charged, among other duties, with developing a comprehensive annual report.

- Strengthening the role of the superintendent and board as advocates for public education with the Legislature and the public.