Former Utah County Commissioner Gary Anderson has postponed his true professional aspirations - at least for the time being - and joined the law firm of Jackman & Johnson.

Anderson, who bowed out of politics three months ago after two commission terms, said he hoped by now to be either a budding county music singer or part of the professional golf circuit.Nevertheless, he says, it's nice to be practicing law again, especially with Rick Jackman and Richard Johnson.

"It's the only firm I could join where I would not be the fattest guy, and yet be the nicest guy," Anderson said. "At any other law firm, the lawyers are skinnier and nicer."

Firm partner Johnson is equally happy to be working with Anderson.

"With him out here, we're billing by the pound," Johnson said. "We'll make a hell of a lot of money."

On the serious side, Anderson said he welcomes the opportunity to work for a firm with a successful reputation. And he welcomes the opportunity to help people solve their problems.

"The thing I forgot is you really do help a lot of people, even though people think it's the lawyers who cause the problems."

Anderson said he misses the associations he made with county employees while serving as commissioner, but he's glad to be out of the commission and away from the politics of public office.

His government experience, however, has proven helpful in his new practice, even if his six years as a commissioner left him a little unfamiliar with changes in legal procedures.

Anderson, who became a commissioner in 1983, has noticed another change in the practice of law.

"People seem a lot more litigious. I see it going up and up," he said. "There's a lot of work out there."

Anderson said he'd rather live in a society where people get along and can solve their differences without litigation. But if people really loved each other, Anderson admits, he might be out of a job.

Or maybe practicing his golf swing, or tuning his guitar.