A group charged with finding a solution to air pollution problems along the Wasatch Front will tackle all issues, no matter how sensitive to the state's economy, according to Gov. Norm Bangerter.

"It's imperative that all the tough issues get on the table," Bangerter said Tuesday during the first meeting of the Governor's Commission on Clean Air - a group composed of the state's top political and industrial leaders.The commission will particularly be interested in ways to help the Wasatch Front reach federal clean air standards by a 1991 deadline. More than three-quarters of the state's residents live along the front, an area that has failed recent clean air tests.

"We get stuck with long inversions, which keeps pollutants down near the ground," said Ken Alkema, state environmental health director. "That makes it difficult to attain the standards, especially during the winter."

Commission members include Bangerter, Lt. Gov. Val Oveson, the mayors of Provo and Salt Lake City, state legislators from both political parties, university leaders and officials from large industries that may be causing some of the pollution problems.