Maryland's Gov. William Donald Schaefer admits his chauffeur-driven limousine has gone too fast, but says he's "repenting." Schaefer made his confession in a call to WFBR talk show host Lester Kinsolving on Thursday night. Kinsolving, a foe of the 55 mph speed limit that Schaefer supports, has been urging listeners to report in if they see the governor's car speeding. "There's no gubernatorial immunity," Schaefer told Kinsolving. "Yeah, we are repenting all right. I'm almost going crazy here doing 35 mph." Kinsolving's "Catch the Governor Speeding" campaign had netted several reports of Schaefer's car going at speeds up to 75 mph in the previous couple of weeks. Schaefer's confession is not enough for Kinsolving. He wants to frustrate the governor into withdrawing his opposition to raising the speed limit to 65 mph. As for the governor, while he admitted that his car had gone over the speed limit, he had nothing but nice things to say about the state troopers who drive him. "I want to just emphasize that the guys that drive me do a superb job," he said. "I don't tell them what to do. I don't really watch them. I read the newspaper."