Holidays that focus around the family can be lonely for the elderly living in care facilities. But add a few kids and the season can become a lot brighter.

Residents of the Crestview Convalescent Center in Provo shared their Easter celebration with students from Sunset View Elementary School at an Easter egg hunt Saturday.All 500 students were invited to the activity as an introduction to the adopt-a-grandparent program the center plans to have with Sunset View.

"Some residents don't have family that come in regularly or are out-of-state. We have BYU volunteers come, but they are college kids. We wanted to try something with younger kids," said Jerry Vaculin, social service worker at the center.

The center will work with Provo School District to provide an educational experience for children, he said. Those children interested in adopting a grandparent will be assigned a specific person. The Easter egg hunt was a way for them to meet in a fun setting.

"This is a time for kids to be introduced to the elderly. When their parents come of age, they will be faced with caring for older people."

Vaculin said studies show that by the year 2030, 21 percent of the population will be over 65. "Those kids are going to be the ones working with them. This will help them understand the aging process and the care and love people need. Some are lonely and need social contact."

Students involved in the adopt-a-grandparent program will be welcomed at Crestview for weekly visits. They can come with their parents or be dropped off for a visit, he said.

Easter candy and prizes were donated for Saturday's hunt.

Children were also invited to participate in a coloring contest.