Alta View Hospital

CUMMINGS, Christopher and Beverly, West Valley City, girl.JENSON, Bent and Lisa, Midvale, boy.

JOHNSON, Carlos and Tami, Salt Lake City, girl.

POULSON, David and Trish, Sandy, boy.

RODERICK, Travis and Kathy, Murray, boy.

SPETERS, Jonathan and Michelle, Salt Lake City, boy.

WATKIN, Richard and Cindy, Sandy, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

BURR, Lisa E., girl.

HISLER, Jeff and Robin, girl.

PEDLER, Gary and Kim, boy.

SHAPIRO, Robert and April, girl.

SNYDER, Scott D., and Bonnie, girl.

WICKERSHAM, Mike S., and Kathy, boy.

Lakeview Hospital-

PATTERSON, Lynn T., and Champaine, Bountiful, girl.

LDS Hospital-

ANDERSON, Danny and Mary Jean, boy.

ANDERSON, John K., and Christine, girl.

BLACK, Al and Stephanie, girl.

CHARLESWORTH, Rennly J., and Jill, boy.

COVER, Ben and Wendy, boy.

EGGERTZ, Jeffrey and Nancy, boy.

ELLIOTT, Dr. C. Gregory and Anne, girl.

FARNSWORTH, Joseph Patrick and Vickie, girl.

FELLOWS, R. Steven and Christine, girl.

GLADE, Gary and Lynda, girl.

JONES, Richard and Jean, girl.

KOCHAMP, Cassandra and RODGER, Jim, boy.

MOULTON, Jeffrey V., and Shirley. girl.

OKIMOTO, Patrick and Linda, girl.

PERRY, William H., and Robbyn, boy.

PRATT, Joseph and Rachel, boy.

SCHMERTZ, David and Rosemary, boy.

STEENBLIK, John and Karen, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

HIGGINSON, Lawrence and Michelle, Salt Lake City, girl.

MALMROSE, Martin and Mary, Sandy, boy.

TAYLOR, Randall and Lisa, Salt Lake City, girl.

University Medical Center-

CASE, Martin and Jackie, boy.

VANWAGONER, Randy and Bonnie, girl.