Patti D'Arbanville stars in "Wired" as Cathy Evelyn Smith - the woman who gave John Belushi his last heroin-cocaine injection - and it was an especially emotional role for her. D'Arbanville has kicked her own problems with heroin and alcohol and once was a friend of Smith's.

Many people in Hollywood didn't want the Belushi movie made but D'Arbanville said she took the job "because `Wired' is an enormous anti-drug statement." D'Arbanville had a son, Jesse, during her long relationship with Don Johnson but says she's thrilled that Johnson is remarrying Melanie Griffith."I love, love, love Donny but I was never passionate about him and he was never passionate about me," D'Arbanville says. "(We) weren't meant to live together. They (Johnson and Griffith) were born to be together. You can tell the minute they walk into a the room."