Actress Kristy McNichol refused to continue working on the movie "Just the Way You Are" in 1982 and rumors flew that she was a drug addict, an alcoholic or a manic depressive. She denies the rumors, telling this week's People magazine that it was an emotional breakdown that caused her to leave the set. "I was totally out of control," said McNichol, 26. "I wanted to please everybody all the time. I was making my mom happy. And then I found out later that wasn't making me happy," she said. A friend took her to a psychiatrist who advised her not to go on with the movie, her eighth in six years. She finished the movie a year later. Once a star on the TV series "Family," McNichol is back in prime time starring in NBC's "Empty Nest." She said she finally is in control of her life. "Now I feel like I'm this mountain of strength," she said. "Now I think, `This is the time for me.' "