The Utah Department of Business Regulations formally became The Department of Commerce earlier this week with the unveiling of a new sign by Gov. Norm Bangerter.

Bangerter inaugurated the sign at the department's offices in the Heber M. Wells building, saying he was excited about the change."Business and job development has been the focus of the last four years and I support anything we can do to promote that," he said.

Bangerter said things had changed significantly since he came to the department in the 1950s to get a contractor's license.

However, Bangerter was quick to point out that when he went to the department to get another license, he had to pass a lengthy test in order to get it - even though he was a state representative and well acquainted with the director.

Bangerter praised the work of the department's employees and told them their efforts were helping the economic development of the state.

"Eighty percent of the new jobs in the state come from existing businesses, and you people are the ones in contact with those businesses," he said.

The name of the department was changed by the Legislature last month as a measure to give the agency a more positive business image to work with in promoting the state.