-SEVENTY printed works by French artist Jean Dubuffet (1901-85) are being presented in a retrospective exhibition at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas, through April 23.

Although he was a painter, sculptor, draughtsman and writer, Dubuffet also gave intense concentration to printmaking. He created more than 600 prints, primarily exploring the compositional and textural possibilities of lithography.The show includes prints in various mediums from all periods of Dubuffet's prolific career, with emhphasis on his innovative experiments in lithography.

(BU) THE DETROIT INSTITUTE of Arts says it has accepted the bequest of the late W. Hawkins Ferry.

It says the bequest "greatly enhances the museum collection with 10 paintings, 14 sculptures, 17 decorative arts objects and eight graphic works, with a value conservatively estimated at $9 million."

The bequest includes Alberto Giacometti's bronze "Standing Woman II," Adolph Gottlieb's painting, "Trinity," and Willem de Kooning's canvas, "Merritt Parkway," as well as examples of African sculpture and European and American decorative arts.