The American-Soviet Youth Orchestra, which attracted international attention in its debut last year, is gearing up for its second season. With musicians age 17 to 23 from the United States and the USSR, who have been auditioned in both countries, the ensemble will tour the Soviet Union, Western Europe and the United States. The first concert will be July 10 at the Moscow State Conservatory; the season will end Aug. 31.

After a five-day engagement at New York City Center, the Donetsk Ballet from the Ukraine was off to tour other American cities, with the Howard Gilman Foundation picking up the tab. The company was stranded in Baltimore for two weeks, after backers of its American tour pulled out because soloists from the Bolshoi who were to have accompanied them did not materialize.

Gilman, 65, owner of the Gilman Paper Co., paid the hotel and food bills for the 59-member company, and arranged further touring that took them to Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia, with dates through March 8.