A Jeep safari through picturesque Arch Canyon in southeastern Utah is scheduled March 31 through April 2.

The Arch Canyon Jeep Jamboree is being sponsored by the San Juan County Development Board and the Chrysler Corp., among others. The safari is limited to 100 Jeep-brand vehicles."The trail is a real challenge and the scenery is fantastic," said Peggy Humphreys of the development board. "The canyon has steep, red-rock walls and some Anasazi Indian cliff dwellings and granaries that are over 800 years old."

A Bureau of Land Management archaeologist will accompany the group to point out Anasazi ruins and discuss their significance.

The trip costs $125 per person and includes all meals through lunch Sunday. Participants can either camp out in the canyon or return to Blanding each night. Guides, vehicle repair, sanitation, emergency facilities and entertainment are provided.