Utah's 1st District Court has issued an arrest warrant for an Idaho sheepherder who failed to pay a $1,250 fine on his guilty plea to deer poaching charges, state Wildlife Resources Division officials say.

"Unless he agrees to pay the fine or comes back to Utah, we really don't have much chance to get the money because it's a misdemeanor case," Randy Peck, a division investigator, said Tuesday.But Peck said there is a chance Pat Arellano, Blackfoot, Idaho, could be returned to Utah to face possible federal charges in connection with interstate transportation of illegally killed game.

Arellano and his wife, Ernestine, were charged in state courts in connection with the August 1988 poaching of a deer and a moose in the Wasatch Mountains on the Idaho-Utah state line.

The sheepherder was convicted in Franklin County, Idaho, for unlawful possession of the moose, fined $500 and ordered to pay $1,000 in restitution. He then pleaded guilty in Utah to the deer poaching, had his hunting rifle confiscated and was fined $1,250.

But Peck said the Utah fine has not been paid.

Arellano's wife was convicted in Rich County, Utah, on charges of unlawful possession of wildlife and unlawful transportation of wildlife. She was fined $500.