Mayor David Dolowitz, who earlier this month resigned because of what he saidwas a conflict of interest on the town Planning and Zoning Commission, was persuaded Saturday to stay on the job.

"They withdrew my objection, so I'm coming back," Dolowitz said.In a closed-door executive meeting Saturday, Dolowitz and council members resolved their differences, the mayor said.

He said the agreement hinges on two changes in the makeup of the Planning and Zoning Commission. But he declined to be more specific, saying the decision won't be official until publicly voted on in the April 12 Town Council meeting.

"There will no longer be a conflict of interest," Dolowitz said. "I think everything has been straightened out."

The 76-year-old mayor had submitted his resignation March 9, complaining that Gary Davis, Planning and Zoning Commission chairman and another panel member had con-flicts of interest because they also are employed as general contractors.

Despite Dolowitz' protests, the Town Council opposed replacing the commission members, so the mayor quit. But the council had not accepted his resignation.

Dolowitz, who was appointed to the post in 1986 following the death of then-Mayor Andrew Jones, said he will now fill out the remaining nine months of his term, providing the agreed-on changes are made.