Entrepreneur Peter Covino plans to create a full-scale fantasy game room for adults.

He's leased a defunct 28,000-square-foot indoor ice rink in Boise and plans to fill it with a 20-foot castle, 15-foot volcano, underground secret passageways, trap doors and two ghost towns.It's all part of a game of tag played with air guns that shoot gelatin balls filled with water-based paint that splat on impact.

"Some people think it's a violent game, but what kid didn't play cowboys and Indians?" asked Covino. "It should be a lot of fun and will not be dangerous or noisy."

Covino, 41, said the game will be for anyone at least 14 years old, but teens under 16 will have to be accompanied by someone older. He said the proper safety measures will be taken, including required protective vests and complete headgear, to ensure no one gets hurt.

Boise will not be the first city with an indoor paint-shooting center, but when Covino opens his "Treasure Quest" facility this summer, he said it may be the largest in the country.

For Covino, doing something different is normal. He invented a fertilization system for automatic sprinkling systems and has more than 200 distributors. He also is an independent computer agent.

Covino received the necessary zoning permits from Ada County on Thursday and said he plans to spend $100,000 on remodeling and another $10,000 on equipment.