A comprehensive look at global climate change and its implications for the Rocky Mountain region is planned during a public conference at the University of Wyoming April 24-25.

The conference will focus on global warming as a result of the buildup of "greenhouse" gases in the upper atmosphere and the potential effects of the trend on regional water resources, agriculture and other areas of public concern."This conference is open to everyone with an interest in global climate change and the environmental and social concerns associated with such changes," said Steven P. Gloss, director of the Wyoming Water Research Center at UW. "The conference objective is to increase awareness of climate change implications among educators, students, and the public."

The conference will feature 11 speakers, including Christopher Bernabo of Washington's Science and Policy Associates Inc., Helen Ingram of the University of Arizona, John A. Eddy of Colorado University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, Richard Adams of Oregon State University, and Robert P. Breckenridge of the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, Idaho Falls.