The first event of the 1995 Utah Winter Games, the biathlon, was held over the weekend at the White Pine Touring Center in Park City.

Winning the team relay event was the Utah team of Mike Schoenfeld, Frank Matheson and Jeff Stuart with a total time of 1 hour, 50.31 minutes. The team was hit with three penalties.Second was Kevin Davis, Duane Crockett and Mike Brickert, from Washington, who finished second with a time of 1:54.48 and five penalties. Ernie Page, Bob Irvine and Richard Groth, all of Utah, were third with a time of 1:55:47 and 15 penalties.

In the biathlon, team members must ski a penalty loop for each target missed.

Winning All-Star recognition were Ernie Page in the masters 10K, Jeff Stuart for the open 10K, Leslie Howa for the open women, Leslie Thatcher for the novice women, Ian Odell for the novice boy and Kathlene Bartholomew for the novice girl.

This week's event includes alpine skiing, ski jumping and NCAA cross country.