Here are some facts and figures on Sunday's national parliamentary elections in the Soviet Union:

VOTERS - About 190 million of the 285 million Soviets were eligible to vote. To qualify, a voter must be 18 years of age or older and a Soviet citizen. The only legal disqualification is insanity.CANDIDATES - There were 2,895 candidates running for 1,500 seats in the 2,250-seat assembly. In 1,116 constituencies, voters had a choice of two or more candidates. Only one candidate appeared on the ballot in each of 384 districts. A total of 82 percent of candidates were members of the Communist Party. Only 16 percent were women.

REPRESENTATION - The candidates elected Sunday will serve five-year terms. A total of 750 deputies were elected in territorial districts of equal population across the country, each representing 257,300 constituents. The others were elected to represent the 15 constituent Soviet republics, or autonomous republics, regions and districts. An additional 750 seats in congress are being directly filled by the Communist Party, Soviet Academy of Sciences and other officially sanctioned organizations.