This column is dedicated to some friendly talk about the Deseret News. We'd like to communicate better with you - our readers and investors.

After all, we're almost like family to you - or at least we ought to be. We come bouncing onto your porch or driveway every day and (we hope) are welcomed into your home. So we want you to know us better. You don't want a stranger in your home.Pardon me for getting a little personal, but the truth is we hope you'll want to snuggle up with us (that is, Chris Hicks, Lee Benson, Joe Walker, Twila Van Leer, Bob Bernick and the rest of the gang) in front of the fireplace in the winter and take us out on the patio in the summer.

So my job is to help you understand the paper a little better. I may note a few of that day's newspaper highlights, introduce you to some of our people and perhaps tell the story behind the story (and that's often the best story).

Most importantly, I hope to make you aware of what's happening in the newspaper and media world. The times they are a'changin' - and fast. The whole information and media industry is in almost a revolution. To keep up, we're going to be doing some things differently at the Deseret News. And I'd like to keep you informed.

Your Deseret News remains a great value if it is used properly. It can save you money, keep you informed, entertain you and help you cope with - and flourish in - today's complex society.

But a newspaper is a pretty complicated product. It's a window on the world and your hometown. It's a veritable shopping center of sales and good deals. It's jampacked with all sorts and kinds of information. We want to help you get through it all quicker and easier and more efficiently.

So watch this space twice a week for some newspaper talk.