The wife of a Navy captain who mistakenly shot down an Iranian airliner with 290 people on board began appearing on television Monday in spots aimed at finding whoever planted a bomb that destroyed her van.

Authorities believe the bomb, which exploded while Sharon Rogers was driving the van on March 10, might have been the work of terrorists."We don't know who did it. We just must realize that someone is out there who committed a very cowardly act," said Rogers, whose husband, USS Vincennes Capt. Will C. Rogers III, on July 3 gave the order to fire on the jetliner when it was misidentified by ship radar operators as an attacking Iranian warplane. Iran vowed revenge.

"Together as a community we have to find out who it is so that (a car-bombing) doesn't happen to anybody else," Rogers said in a videotaped interview for Crime Stoppers.

"It could be me last week, you tomorrow," she said.