"The Toxic Avenger, Part II" opens with a theme song that explains what happened in the first film to make a superhero out of a nerd who fell into barrel of toxic waste. The lyrics, in part, tell us:

"He fell into a barrel of waste

"Of toxic chemicals that ate his face."

Now how can you hate a movie that's so jovially crass?

the "turkey" rating here reflects the film's quality - there is none. But when a movie is so outrageously awful as "Toxic II" it's hard not to recognize its cult potential.

The first "Toxic Avenger" has achieved cult status and gore fans love it - though the gore is decidedly cartooney. The humor and style blends the sensibilities of "Airplane!" "Monty Python," Warner Bros. cartoons and the sort of jokes your grade-schoolers tell when no adults are around.

In that first film a nerdy "mop boy" in the Tromaville, N.J., health club was harassed and humiliated by local teens until he accidentally fell in a vat of toxic waste. That turned him into a huge, musclebound, grotesque creature who developed "Tromasomes," which force him to tear apart bad guys when he senses evil. And he literally tears them apart, ripping off noses, ears, arms and heads.

At one point in that first episode, he rescued a blind girl, and she fell in love with him, of course. And that opened the door for all kinds of tasteless jokes about those who cannot see falling down a lot.

The sequel is essentially more of the same, with some of the action taking place in Japan, where "Toxie" is lured by the bad guys. The real reason for this location shooting, however, is that the first film was a big hit in that country.

The "Toxic II" plot doesn't really matter, of course, but it has to do with a villainous industrial giant moving into Tromaville, convincing "Toxie" that his long-lost father is in Japan, which is merely a device to get him out of the way. So he goes to Japan, rips up villains there, finds his father - sort of - and returns home to do in those bad guys too.

The acting is awful - and the actress playing "Toxie's" girlfriend in "Part II" is even worse than the actress who played the part in the first film. All of the technical elements are laughably silly. This film is best described as gleeful bad taste.

But people who go to see this won't mind. They want to see idiotic trash, and this one fills the bill. And then some.

"The Toxic Avenger, Part II" is rated R for considerable violence, sex, nudity and profanity.