KKAT Radio (FM-101.9) is the most listened-to radio station along the Wasatch Front in the latest Birch/Scarborough Research Radio Ratings.

For the "Winter Book" (December, January, February), in the quarter-hour shares category, for age 12-plus listeners, Monday to Sunday, 6 a.m until midnight, KKAT is on top with a 10.6 share, up .2 from last last fall's ratings period when the station tied for No. 1 with KCPX.KCPX (FM-98.7) is second this time with a 10.2 share, down .2 from last fall.

The remaining top 10 stations (with their rank/share from last fall's ratings listed behind their current statistics) are:

3. KRSP (FM-103.5) 8.6 share (3rd/9.8); 4. KSL (AM-1160) 8.3 (4th/8.6); 5. KSOP (FM-104.3 and AM-1370) 7.1 (6th/4.9). 6. KBER (FM-106.5) 7.0 (10th/4.1); 7. KISN (FM-97.1 and AM-570) 6.3 (5th/8.1); 8. KSFI (FM-100.3) 4.8 (11th/4.0); 9. KJQN (alias `KJQ' at FM-92.7, 95.5 and 104.9) 4.2 (8th/4.3); and 10. KLZX (FM-93.3) 3.4 (7th/4.4).

KSOP, with its modern country music format, made an improvement during the past ratings period by moving up to fifth.

KBER, with its album rock format, also made a significant leap by moving up from 10th last quarter to sixth place.

Meanwhile, on the downside, KALL has dropped out of the top 10 in the most recent ratings book.

In a breakdown of adult listeners only, KKAT is also number one, while KSOP is second. KCPX is third, KSL fourth and KRSP fifth. (This could mean that country music is back on a strong upswing.)

According to Birch/Scarborough's research, KLZX made a big improvement in the ratings for older listeners, while KBER did the same with younger listeners. Two other stations, KLCY (FM-94.1) and KDAB (FM-101.1) also made some strong improvements last quarter, although neither appears among the overall top 10 stations.

In the morning drive-time, KSL (and its "Morning Team") was ranked first with an 11.5 share, while KCPX (with Andy Barber and "The Breakfast Bunch") was second at 11.1. KKAT (with John Marks) was third at 10.1.

For afternoon drive-time, KCPX (with Gary Zane) was first, KKAT (with "Gentleman Jim") was second and KSL (with Dave Hebertson) placed third.

KALL Radio (AM-910) has added "Utah Tonight,' a new current issues program, to its nighttime lineup from 6-7.

The regular "Utah Tonight" will air Monday through Thursday and will be similar to "Vital Issues" but will be even more spontaneous with the day-to-day newsmakers. The show will be under the direction of KALL's Fred Scott and Mary Sawyers and will also encourage listener participation.

On Friday nights at 6, KALL will air a special sports-oriented "Utah Tonight.

KALL's programming will return to "Talknet" with Bruce Williams from 7-11 p.m. on each weeknight except Tuesday, when a local call-in garden program with Craig Clyde will air from 7-8 in the spring and summer and a coach's call-in show in the fall and winter.

On weekends, "Talknet" will begin at 5 p.m.

"Talknet" has replaced "The Larry King Show," but KALL has decided"Talknet" has a very high listening audience nation-wide and this trend should be no different in Utah. "Talknet" is a financial and problem-solving oriented program that was previously broadcast overnight on KSL.

The remainder of KALL's night programming will include Neil Myers' show from 11 p.m. until 2 a.m. and then Dara Welles takes over.

-KBYU (FM-89.1) will broadcast the Utah Symphony live Saturday at 8 p.m. from Symphony Hall. Joseph Silverstein will conduct the symphony in Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 2, "The Resurrection."

- Chicago's Music of the Baroque continues Easter weekend programming on KBYU with Bach's "Mass in B-Minor" Sunday at 8 a.m. and "St. Paul Morning" will be broadcast at 10 a.m.

- The Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Chorus with its performance of Bach's "St. Matthew Passion" airs at 12:30 p.m.; and the fireside talk of Elder Neal A. Maxwell of the Quorum of the Twelve, given earlier in the evening at BYU, will be broadcast at 9 p.m. Sunday to conclude KBYU's Easter programming.