Filming has begun for a depiction of the rescue of toddler Jessica McClure, who was pulled from an an abandoned well 58 hours after tumbling in.

But little of her west Texas city of Midland will be seen in the ABC-TV production.The filming of "Everybody's Baby: The Rescue of Jessica McClure" began Thursday in the back yard of a suburban Los Angeles home, a spokesman for Interscope Productions said.

The hospital and city hall are the only sites in Midland being used. The shaft will be recreated in a Hollywood film studio.

The cast includes Patty Duke as a victim's assistance volunteer; Beau Bridges as Midland police chief Richard Czech; Roxana Zal as Jessica's mother, Cissy; and Will Oldham as Jessica's father, Chip. Toddler twins Laura and Jennie Loesch will take turns portraying Jessica.

The 1987 rescue of Jessica, trapped for 2 1/2 days in a 22-foot-deep water well when she was 18 months old, brought worldwide attention to Midland as it was broadcast on national and international television.