The Resurrection of Christ offers hope and a reawakening of a new life and potential for the future, the bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City says.

In his 1989 Easter message, Bishop William K. Weigand said a story is told of an elderly gentleman who often strolled along beautiful Princess Street in Edinburgh, Scotland.On one occasion, the man was attracted to one of the many shop windows that displayed art treasures. A painting of the crucifixion caught the elderly man's eye. As he pondered the scene, the gentleman was impressed but also troubled. It had been a long time since he had allowed any thoughts like those suggested by the canvas to enter his mind. The artist's portrayal triggered the memory of long-forgotten truths.

Suddenly the man became aware of the presence at his side of a little ragged boy, a city urchin, who also was looking intently at the painting.

"That's Jesus, sir, on the cross. They nailed him there with a crown of thorns on his head, and killed him, sir. He was a good man. He died for us, and that's his mother standing there, sir, for our sins and they buried him yonder, sir."

It was too real for the old man, and so he turned away to continue his walk along Princess Street. Suddenly, he felt a tugging at his coat tails. The same boy looked up into his face and blurted out breathlessly: "I forgot to tell you, sir. I forgot to tell you; he rose again."

Continuing, Bishop Weigand said: "Dear friends, whether we be ragged urchins or people of means and culture, we must not forget that Jesus rose again. That is the basis of our hope. And whether the people we encounter be strong or weak; whether those entrusted to our care be deep in faith or shallow, we must not forget to tell them, "He rose again!"

He said, "Jesus is victorious, a victory he shares with us. May the Risen Lord awaken us at this Eastertime. May he empower us to say yes to new life, new attitudes, new possibilities. May Jesus transform us through his Easter gift.

" `I have come that you may have life and have it to the full,' " he paraphrased scripture.