Provo City will be getting more than a library when the doors of the new library open May 1, the city's library director says.

"Not only is this going to be a nice library, but we are looking at this facility being a minicultural center," said Larry Hortin.The library comes with such items as an outdoor amphitheater, a large lobby for art shows, a multipurpose room with a stage and side kitchen, a classroom, a computer room, a conference room, a children's room for story hour and crafts, a special collections room, a concentrated study area and audio rooms, he said.

The fact that an amphitheater exists may be a surprise to some library visitors, but those who take a closer look will notice the formation of the steps on the south side. Electrical outlets have been installed in the area for lights and sound.

The multipurpose room will be available for piano recitals and luncheons. A room adjacent to the multipurpose room can be used for puppet shows.

Fifty study carrels, 16 in a concentrated study room, will be part of the new campared with four in the existing library.

At 28,000 square feet, the new library more than doubles the size of the present library.

Most of the work is complete at the new facility, but there are a few finishing touches before the staff can move in. Cabinet work and carpet will be installed Monday. The shelves for the books have arrived and will be put up once carpeting is complete.

Some furniture also is finding its way to the library building. All tables, lounge chairs and desks were purchased from Utah Correctional Industries, a furniture company at the Utah State Prison that employs inmates.

The mass book exodus begins April 12 when the old library closes. Allied Van Lines has offered to donate trucks for the move April 13. Local church and civic groups have volunteered to help load boxes, carry them to the van and then unload them and shelve them at the other end.

Hortin said the library already has quite a few people signed up to help, but more is needed. Anyone interested can contact the library.

Once the books are shelved and the library is set up, library visitors may notice some empty book shelves. To take care of that problem, the library board is working on getting money to buy additional books.

Mayor Joe Jenkins said the city will have about $60,000 left in the construction account once the library is complete. That money will be available for books, but the library board may use the money for an endowment fund that would gain interest for future use.

If an endowment fund is set up, the library board plans to fill the shelves through community donations made at the library's open house.