A June 1990 parole date has been set for a man convicted of stealing more than $31,000 while running a senior citizens' housing project in Ogden.

Ken L. Kenworthy, 45, is serving a term of up to 15 years for forgery and theft. The Utah State Board of Pardons determined Friday he should be paroled after being behind bars a total of two years.According to board information, Kenworthy had managed the Three Link Tower Senior Citizen Housing on Jefferson Avenue in Ogden for more than two years.

During that time, more than $31,000 was taken. Kenworthy denied that any of the money came from the elderly, low-income residents of the facility, telling board members that instead he cheated the federal government.

"I did not take one dime from the tenants," Kenworthy insisted. He did, however, admit that he had obtained between $15,000 and $18,000 from an elderly tenant by having her sign over her savings as a loan he has yet to repay.

He was not charged with a crime in connection with that transaction, board member Gary Webster noted, and it is not included in the more than $31,000 the court has order Kenworthy to pay back.

Kenworthy told the board he planned to pay the woman back anyway, saying he "abused her trust in me." He stressed that he felt "it's one of the first things I should do even over and above" making other restitution.

Kenworthy said that federal charges against him were dropped in exchange for a guilty plea on the charges in Utah.

The conditions set by the board for Kenworthy's parole are that he make the more than $31,000 in restitution and not be employed in property management, even though he indicated he would like to look for work in that field again.