Convicted child killer Joel Steinberg spent the first full day of his maximum sentence in a Brooklyn jail cell awaiting transfer to prison, forbidden visitors and kept isolated for all but one hour a day, jail officials said Saturday.

The disbarred millionaire attorney, who was sentenced Friday to 8 1-3 to 25 years in prison for beating to death 6-year-old Lisa Steinberg, the daughter of an unmarried woman who he raised as his own, was only allowed out of his cell for an hour of recreation in a jailhouse gymnasium, said Department of Correction spokeswoman Ruby Ryles.Steinberg was not allowed any radio or television and his cell at the Brooklyn House of Detention contained only a bed, a toilet and a work desk, she said.

"He is not expected to be moved (to prison) before Monday," she said.

Steinberg, 47, had breakfast alone in his cell: a bowl of hot cereal, bread with butter and jelly and a glass of milk, Ryles said.

He is being held in punitive segregation, which entails being locked in a cell for 23 hours a day, because he was discovered earlier this week with a 4-inch shank fashioned from a sharpened plastic spoon, she said.

Acting Justice Harold Rothwax sentenced Steinberg to the maximum prison term possible and brushed aside his pleas for mercy. The judge said he had shown no remorse nor had he acknowledged guilt in the girl's death.

Steinberg did not testify in his four-month trial but broke his silence at the sentencing hearing with a rambling plea for mercy before Rothwax.

"At no point did I ever neglect the children, did I ever strike them in any form," said Steinberg.