A 53-year-old Ogden woman died of head injuries suffered when her car was struck by a pickup truck and overturned, authorities said.

Kay Florence Driscoll was taken to McKay-Dee Hospital Wednesday afternoon following the accident in northern Ogden. She was pronounced dead a short time after arrival, a hospital spokesman said.Police said Driscoll's car was struck in the rear by a pickup driven by Blaine H. Maw, 65, Ogden. The impact sent the car flying into an empty lot where it overturned. Maw's truck traveled about two blocks, struck a fire hydrant and traveled further, striking another vehicle parked in front of a home.

Maw was not injured.

Police Lt. Chuck Buzick said Maw apparently suffered a seizure while driving, just before the accident. He said Maw also had been taking two types of prescription medication. Investigation of the accident is pending the results of a drug test performed on Maw Wednesday evening.

Police said Maw told them he didn't remember hitting Driscoll's car.