The City Council has adopted a new city logo from entries received in the Arts Council's logo design contest.

Paula Davis, who designed the winning logo, will receive a $50 award from the city.Davis, who is a former Pleasant Grove resident, said she had benefited from living in the community and wanted to do something in return.

"I was thinking of the community, where it is built at the foot of the mountains, and of the community as being a nice, quiet town and a good place to live," Davis said of her winning design.

Davis graduated from Brigham Young University in art and design years ago but has been busy raising her family ever since. "It was fun to go back and do something I hadn't had a chance to do for a long time," Davis said.

The City Council liked Davis' design because it can be easily personalized with the names of various city departments and can be used on everything from city bills and letterheads to city vehicles.

The council also liked a slogan submitted with a logo designed by Robert Kresser, Pleasant Grove water superintendent. That slogan, "A Place to Grow," will be incorporated into Davis' logo. Kresser will received a $25 award from the city for the slogan.