The wife and daughter of Bill Gore, the developer of Gore-Tex fabric, have promised to give Salt Lake City's Westminster College up to $2 million in matching funds.

Ginger Gore Giovale, the first woman elected to head the liberal arts college's board of trustees, told Westminster officials this week she will match "dollar for dollar up to $1 million" any new monies raised by the college's endowment fund.And her mother, Vieve Gore, said she would match her daughter's contributions.

Giovale, Flagstaff, Ariz., a 1965 Westminster graduate, was elected to the 3-year term of chairman of the board of trustees three months ago.

"Westminster is an integral part of my family and has been for four generations. I want to help with the success of the college's future," said Giovale.

"I want to give and will continue to do so. But that alone won't assure the long-term success for Westminster. Other individuals, corporations, foundations, alumni and businesses must give as well," she said.

The family recently contributed $1.7 million to Westminster for construction of the Gore School of Business building. Bill Gore, who died three years ago, and his wife founded W.L. Gore & Associates, which developed and manufactures Gore-Tex, a fabric used in medicine, electronics and outdoor clothing.

Westminster's endowment fund has raised $9.5 million in cash and pledges since July 1, 1986. In addition to the latest Gore family pledge, it hopes to raise another $12.5 million during the next five years, officials said.