A Utah company that manufactures biological products that reduce the quantity of traditional fertilizers required and increase yields has announced a sales agreement with a Japanese firm.

Cytozyme Laboratories of Salt Lake City announced it has signed a marketing agreement with Marubeni Trading Co. of Japan to distribute its agricultural products worldwide.Cytozyme Laboratories has been developing plant and soil enhancers for 12 years and markets its products in the United States, South America, Asia and Europe. Under the arrangement with Marubeni, the status of present distributors will not be changed.

Marubeni is the third largest trading company in the world with dollar sales of more than $100 billion, a third of which are derived from the sale of agricultural chemicals.

Cytozyme and Marubeni officials, said they believe agriculture will soon undergo dramatic changes in the way crops are grown. They expect agribusiness will be searching for ways to work more closely with the natural resources of the soil and to assure the public of a continuing supply of non-toxic foods, they said.

The Utah firm's four principal products, Seed Plus, Crop Plus, Soil Plus and Stubble Digester Plus, are the most widely tested products of their type, Cytozyme officials said.

Major agricultural universities and research institutes around the world have been conducting ongoing tests on a wide variety of crops that provided data for formulating the company's bacteria-free enhancers, company officials added.