The Davis School Board gave tentative approval to a year-round scheduling plan for two elementary schools and told a third school to begin studying the option.

Adams Elementary in Layton and Columbia Elementary in Kaysville were given preliminary approval Tuesday night to proceed with plans to implement year-round schedules in July. A final vote will be taken at the next board meeting on April 4.Both schools have experienced overcrowding and were among four schools made eligible by the school board to go year-round next summer.

The school board unanimously approved the recommendation of the Adams Elementary year-round study committee despite protests and a petition from parents who said they had been unfairly represented in the decision.

Rick Hamilton presented the board with a petition containing 315 names asking for a direct vote.

"This petition calls into serious question about what has been represented here tonight," Hamilton said.

Committee Chairman Frank Blair reported to the board that 74 percent of the parents who returned surveys wanted a year-round schedule.

"I believe the process (of the committee) has been followed," said Louenda Downs, who represents the affected area on the board. "I guess the real question is whether there will be a buy-in and whether there will be a community left. People need to learn to differ graciously. They need to put some of these things behind them and pull themselves together."

A year-round plan was also approved for Columbia Elementary, where 80 percent of the parents voted approval on mail-in ballots.

King Elementary in Layton was also given authorization to study extended-day and year-round scheduling options. A traditional school schedule is no longer an option for the school because of high growth in the area, school board members said.

The school could be allowed, under current budget constraints, to go year-round next summer because East Layton Elementary choose to remain on an extended-day schedule. Adams and Columbia will likely receive final approval and Knowlton Elementary in Farmington may also choose the year-round plan.

King parent Clinton Tams asked the board to consider removing two special education classes from the school so it could remain on a traditional schedule next year. Board members didn't accept the proposal and mandated that the school consider either of the two alternative scheduling plans.

"Every school in Layton at the elementary level has the inevitability of going either year-round or extended day. There is no getting out of it," Superintendent Richard Kendell said.