Fees for birth and death certificates will increase beginning July 1 as Davis County passes along increases mandated by the Legislature, says Davis County Deputy Registrar Marlene Bowen.

As of July 1, birth certificates will go from $10 to $11 for the first copy and from $3 to $4 for additional copies. Birth certificate cards will go from $7 to $8 if purchased in addition to a birth certificate, Bowen said, but will be $11 if bought singly.Under the law, she said, the Davis County Health Department must charge $11 for the first issued birth certification, whether a certificate or certificate card, to pay for the records search.

The charge for death certificates also will increase from $7 to $8, with additional copies going from $3 to $4. And amendments will increase from $15 to $20 if made more than a year after the birth or death.

The new fee schedule was set by the Legislature to help fund the State Health Department for the coming year, Bowen said. Local registrars are required to charge the same fees as the state vital statistics program.

Questions about the fee schedule should be directed to the Davis County Health Department, 451-3337.