NASA's replacement space shuttle orbiter will be named "Victoria" or "Nautilus" if some award-winning Utah students have their way.

NASA informed Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah on Thursday that it has chosen the state-level winners in its contest to name the new orbiter, and both were in his district.A team of students at Kaysville Elementary was named state winner in the kindergarten through sixth-grade division for suggesting "Victoria," and a team at Central Davis Junior High School won in the division for grades 7 through 12 for suggesting "Nautilus."

NASA said more than 71,650 students nationwide formed 6,100 different teams - each led by a faculty member - to submit names along with educational research projects to support and justify their choice.

The state-level winning projects will now be reviewed by a NASA panel, and the winner from the two divisions are scheduled to be announced in early May.

Hansen congratulated the two schools but said they are not the only winners in the competition.

"The entire state shares in this award. These two schools bring the enthusiasm and strong support that all of Utah has for our space program. The dream of these children goes to the very heart of our future as a nation: that the United States maintain its technological leadership in space," he said.