Salt Lake officials now know the ground rules for placing their bid with the U.S. Olympic Committee in June to host the 1998 Winter Olympics.

Delegates from the Salt Lake Winter Games Organizing Committee returned from Colorado Springs Thursday after attending a seminar with five other cities bidding for the games."Basically, we learned what the rules of the game will be in submitting our bid for the 1998 Winter Games," said Mike Zuhl, mayoral chief of staff.

The USOC will choose a U.S. city June 4, which, in turn, will bid before the International Olympics Committee for the games.

But bidding cities must first clear two hurdles before the final U.S. selection.

Cities must respond to a USOC questionnaire next week, Zuhl said. Based on responses to the questionnaire, the USOC will send a site-selection team to visit qualifying cities, Zuhl said.

Following visits by the team, the USOC will draft a list of finalists. "It will be the finalists that submit bids in Des Moines, Iowa, on June 3rd and 4th," Zuhl said.

The USOC also notified bidding cities besides Salt Lake _ Anchorage, Alaska; Denver; Reno-Lake Tahoe, Nev.; Lake Placid, N.Y.; and Klamath Falls, Ore. _ of proposed USOC rule changes.

One rule, which will be voted on by the USOC in June, would require the U.S. representative to complete construction of a bobsled-luge run, speed-skating rink and ski jump by summer 1991.

Another would bind the USOC to commit to the U.S. candidate city for two Olympic bidding cycles _ for both the 1998 and 2002 Games. Zuhl said such a rule is important because it's unlikely a first-time Olympics bidder would win the nod for the Games upon its first appearance before the IOC.

Under another proposed rule, the U.S. candidate city would post a letter of credit or cash worth $250,000 "to protect the USOC against failure of the bid city to fulfill all responsibilities undertaken," according to USOC officials.

Each city selected to present a bid will make a 30-minute presentation to the USOC executive board in Des Moines on June 4 during a two-day USOC meeting.