Skiers slice through deep powder and water skiers ply the waters of a shimmering lake in the flashy TV promotion ad urging Utahns to unite.

The ad seems to have everything: A lot of smiles, people waving, spectacular scenery and a catchy tune to pull it all together.But something is missing: There are no blacks.

Betty Sawyer, director of the Utah Office of Black Affairs, said the missing element is raising concern within Utah's black community. She said TV is not alone in creating an atmosphere that is uncomfortable for blacks, but she said it is the most visible. She told members of the Governor's Black Advisory Council Tuesday that her office has received numerous complaints criticizing the local media for excluding blacks not only from TV promotions but from locally produced television commercials in general.

"If you watch the TV it says we (blacks) don't ski, don't hike, don't water ski, and that we aren't even here," Sawyer said. "I think it is time that we looked at the media and let them know our feelings."

Council members agreed and said they would be interested in pursuing the discussion at a future council meeting.Sawyer said the effort to include blacks should start with television because it is the most visable and has generated the most concern among blacks.