A man with an insatiable appetite for cocaine killed two women with a semiautomatic gun and wounded two deputies and a hostage before killing himself during 10 hours of rape and terror, authorities said.

Eugene Thompson Jr., 20, of Littleton, was armed with a MAC-11 assault pistol when he broke into a woman's suburban Denver house early Thursday and began his crime spree.The rampage, during which he raped two women, ended in a gun-battle at a townhouse as 100 officers searched house-to-house for him.

Thompson opened fire on the two officers who burst into the townhouse, hitting one in the chest and neck and the other in the leg, authorities said. He then shot 18-year-old Jake Carper four times in the back, went upstairs and shot himself in the head.

"A madman, it appears, is what we have," said Douglas County Sheriff Steve Zotos. "We were hoping it wouldn't end this way, but I don't know of any other way it could have ended. There is just no reason to this whole thing."

Thompson died at a hospital three hours after he shot himself.

Carper, who lives in the townhouse, remained in critical condition.

Arapahoe County Deputy Arthur L. Hilton, 37, was in serious condition with wounds to the chest. Deputy Daniel Thomas, 36, was released after treatment.

Thompson, a suspect in at least 140 thefts and burglaries, was wanted on arrest warrants that were issued Monday for his failure to appear in Golden District Court for probation revocation.

He had been enrolled in a cocaine treatment program as part of his probation for thefts but was kicked out after being caught stealing, said Eugene Strauber, regional vice president of the Cenikor Foundation cocaine residence treatment program in the Denver suburb of Lakewood.

"He had an appetite for drugs - mostly for cocaine - that he couldn't keep up with," said Lakewood Detective George McGlynn. "And that's what led to this."