What do you buy the Arab king who has everything? "Cowboy boots," according to Rep. Wayne Owens, D-Utah, who usually wears a pair himself in Washington.

He took six pairs with him Thursday as he departed for an 11-day trip to Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Israel to discuss his proposal for a Middle East development bank with region presidents and kings.Owens, pointing to a large box in his office said, "It's full of cowboy boots. I'm taking them as gifts for a variety of kings and princes," he said. "I found out their sizes in advance. . . . I bought them in Utah, and thought it would be a nice gesture."

While Owens wouldn't say exactly whom would be receiving the boots, he mentioned one person who would not.

Just one question. Does that mean cowboy boots will soon be the "sheik" thing to wear in Saudi Arabia?