Jon Huntsman Jr. will become Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, Washington, D.C., sources said Thursday.

Huntsman, oldest son of chemical industrialist Jon M. Huntsman, will oversee a staff of about 60 people and be in charge of breaking down trade barriers, encouraging U.S. business throughout the world and coordinating capital goods and international projects.He'll meet at least once a month with Soviet trade officials in an effort to create joint U.S.-Russian projects. About 120 industry groups in the United States will report to Huntsman's office with various business-related statistics.

Huntsman will report to one of several undersecretaries of commerce, who in turn report to Commerce Secretary Robert A. Mosbacher. The appointment, rumored for several months, will become official in several weeks, sources said.

The senior Huntsman has been active in Republican politics for years, even considering a run against Gov. Norm Bangerter for a short time a year ago.