Question: Where is the best place to produce a video on early childhood development?

Answer: A place where lots of babies live, e.g. Utah.To capitalize on such a market, a Provo firm is working on a video to be promoted by Heinz and Baby's Choice Diapers on product packaging.

The two companies selected Special Interest Productions to put together the early childhood-development video, which will show off the talents of several mothers from Salt Lake City and a baby from Orem.

Video production begins Mar. 27 at Skaggs Telecommuncation Center in Salt Lake City.

"The idea is to give Heinz and Baby's Choice increased exposure among new mothers who are making product choices in the market," said John Pack, vice president of Special Interest Productions. "It's different than advertising and more effective than standard promotions because common promotions don't give the consumer anything but exposure to a company's name."

The product-related video allows the consumer to see the value of using a company's product while at the same time receiving instruction on various product-related topics, he said.

Special Interest Productions works to produce videos that feature a company's product line while teaching the viewer valuable skills. The product-related marketing approach to video allows companies to give their customers information that is valuable and helps build brand loyalty, Pack said.

"Our relationship with Heinz and Baby's Choice will mean the influx of hundreds of thousands of dollars into the local economy."