An environmental coalition that sued last week to force the state to take steps against fine particulate pollution, has now filed a new suit against the federal government.

The coalition is made up of organizations called the Preservation Counsel, Utah Environment Center and Utah Valley Citizens for Clean Air. Their latest U.S. District Court suit is against William Reilly, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.This action says the EPA has not imposed rules on Utah officials requiring the control of particulates of 10 microns or smaller, called PM10 in technical jargon. The particles are so tiny they can lodge in the lungs and cause disease.

According to the suit, federal findings indicate that levels just "somewhat higher" than federal standards pose an unacceptable risk of death. The coalition says Utah pollution has reached more than twice the level allowed in one of the standards.

The environmentalists asked the court to order the EPA to issue PM10 regulations for the state of Utah by July 1.