The Davis School Board has given final approval to a plan to allow 200 students who now attend Farmington and Knowlton elementaries to attend a "new" Monte Vista Elementary in downtown Farmington.

The plan defines an area in downtown Farmington as an open enrollment zone. While students in this area will be given first priority for attendance, other students who live inside Knowlton and Farmington elementaries' boundaries can also apply to attend the school.Student transfers to Monte Vista, which now serves solely as a school for 58 handicapped students, will be done entirely on a volunteer basis. The district has already received interest from about 75 families.

The plan will allow 50 Farmington Elementary students and 150 students from overcrowded Knowlton Elementary to transfer to the school. In addition to the students that may transfer to Monte Vista, students from Knowlton Elementary can apply to fill the 50 empty slots created at Farmington Elementary.

"It is an excellent way to use existing space. It will ease crowding at Knowlton and does not adversely affect Farmington," Superintendent Richard Kendell said at a school board meeting Tuesday night at Bountiful High School.

The school, with classes beginning next August, will have one class at each grade level from kindergarten through sixth grade. Preference will given to siblings in elementary grades so they can attend the same school. Applications for the enrollment will be accepted through April 14 at the district office in Farmington.

The school will be funded as would a new school to pay for equipment, supplies, stocking a media center and computer lab. Costs for the plan range from $90,000 to $110,000, Kendell said.

In response to concerns expressed by parents of handicapped children who suggested they might be interested in returning their children to the center from neighborhood schools, Kendell said that a buffer was intentionally built into the plan in anticipation of some students returning.

"This is 75 students less than the maximum because we wanted to be sensitive to the original charter of Monte Vista (to be a handicapped school)," Kendell said.

While the plan will probably move 200 students from Knowlton Elementary it will not keep the school from considering either remaining on an extended-day schedule or changing to a year-round schedule, Kendell said.

Knowlton parents will asked to vote on their choice of scheduling plans during the next two weeks. The school will make application for the option they choose at the school board meeting April 4.