Democracy is all Greek to Rep. Howard C. Nielson, R-Utah.

He gave a speech on the House floor Wednesday in honor of Greek Independence Day coming up on Sunday and praised the Greeks for inventing democracy and praised Greek emigrants for helping to make America and Utah strong."We owe much to those Greek philosophers of old, whose ideas served to lay the foundation for our great institution of democracy. Our Constitution is replete with their ideas about man and his role in society."

About more modern Greeks, he said, "In the late 1800s Greek American settlers were instrumental in the creation of a thriving coal industry in Utah's Carbon County. Today their descendants in Carbon County and the Salt Lake area continue to be a valuable asset to the prosperity of our state."

Nielson's comments came in support of a resolution honoring Greek Independence Day Sunday, marking the 168th anniversary of the beginning of the revolution that freed Greece from the Ottoman Empire.