University of Wyoming officials have turned over to the NCAA a report into allegations that former basketball star Fennis Dembo received illegal cash payments during his senior year.

University president Terry Roark said the four-month investigation into the allegations found no evidence to support the charges, which first appeared in a Denver newspaper last November.It will now fall to the NCAA to determine whether the university should be sanctioned.

The story attributed the allegations to Rick Wolfe, coach for a Broomfield (Colo.) High School player recruited by Wyoming. According to the story, recruit Tony Stubblefield allegedly saw a $100 bill pushed under the door to Dembo's room. Both Dembo, now on the Detroit Pistons' roster, and Stubblefield denied the allegations.

Stubblefield, a 6-foot-2 point guard, initially signed with Wyoming but failed to meet the university's entrance requirements and enrolled at Laramie County Community College last fall.

Roark did not comment Tuesday on the specifics of the report but said he was satisfied with its contents.

"I have accepted and approved the findings of the committee," he said. "I am satisfied that the investigation was thorough and complete."

Paul Roach, the university's athletic director, said the investigation uncovered a minor recruiting violation. The report, he said, states that Wolfe received a free lunch while accompanying Stubblefield on an unofficial visit to the university.

Additionally, the report substantiates claims that Stubblefield received a travel bag from Dembo. The university has submitted that matter to the NCAA for determination of whether it violated any rules.