Wade Boggs of the Boston Red Sox has offered to settle his breach of contract suit with former mistress Margo Adams for $20,000 to avoid further embarrassment to his teammates, it was reported Wednesday.

"I just did it for the welfare of the guys, and to get the thing over with before the season starts," Boggs told the Boston Globe.Boggs and his attorney, Jennifer King, said there has been no reply from Adams or her lawyer, James McGee.

However, the Boston Herald quoted Adams earlier as saying she would reject such an offer.

King told the Globe Boggs was pressured into making the settlement by the Red Sox because other players might be required to give depositions, detailing their knowledge of the long-running affair and their own sex lives if the case goes to trial.

In a related development, the Herald reported Wednesday that the Red Sox were making a "serious" effort to trade the five-time American League batting champion and said "the possibility exists" that a deal may be worked out before the end of spring training.

But the Herald said Red Sox officials are having trouble finding a team that is willing to pay what they feel Boggs is worth.

The Herald said the trade talks were prompted in part by Boggs' decision to tell his side of the Adams affair to interviewer Barbara Walters on the ABC news program "20/20."