Someone forgot to tell Steve Emtman his football season is over. The injury-plagued defensive lineman is still showing up for Indianapolis Colts practices.

He walked four miles from his home through the woods at Eagle Creek Park to the Colts' training complex Thursday."I decided to take a walk here," Emtman said. "I was going nuts sitting in the house, eating and getting fat. I couldn't deal with that anymore. I thought I'd get out of the house at least and I decided to walk rather than drive."

Knee injuries ended his first two seasons prematurely and, after he returned for four games this year, he ruptured a disc in his neck, sidelining him for the remainder of the season again. He underwent neck surgery a few days ago.

He still cannot turn his head and walks stiffly, but otherwise shows no ill effects from the surgery.

"I'm starting to get my strength back already," Emtman said. "I'm still a little sore, but it's just a matter of getting going again.

"The rehabilitation will last a few months. The important thing is that it will be 100 percent. It's showing signs that it will improve and though it's way too early to judge for sure, things do appear to be optimistic."

Emtman suffered the injury during his first game back against Seattle on Oct. 2 in the RCA Dome. He thought it was a pinched nerve at first, but over the next three weeks he had less and less feeling in his arm. After talking with two doctors, he decided surgery was the only option.

The Colts have a rematch with the Seahawks today in Seattle.

If everything goes well, Emtman can have a normal off-season workout schedule starting in early spring.

"That would be something," he said. "For once I can actually train to get better instead of training to get back where I was. I think that will be real beneficial to me."