Dick Clark announced Tuesday that he's stepping down as host of the "American Bandstand" after 33 years so someone new can lead the music variety show into the 1990s.

The show, which helped pioneer rock 'n' roll and the Motown sound, is currently syndicated nationwide, and will premiere on cable's USA Network.Clark, who turns 60 this year but is known as "America's Oldest Teenager" because of his youthful looks, will turn over the "Bandstand" microphone to David Hirsch, 26.

"This is actually an exciting day for me," Clark said in a statement. "Like David, I was 26 when I started hosting Bandstand.

"After 33 years, I finally decided it was time to give someone else a chance."

"Bandstand," as it was first titled, hit the air waves in September 1952 on WFIL-TV in Philadelphia with Bob Horn and Lee Stewart as the original hosts.

Clark became the show's solo host in 1956. A year later, the show made its debut under the new title "American Bandstand."

During the next three decades, "American Bandstand" provided the first national exposure for scores of performers, including Madonna, The Jackson 5, the Beach Boys, Linda Ronstadt, Jerry Lee Lewis, James Brown, Stevie Wonder and Neil Diamond.

The show also introduced the American public to such teen dances as the Twist, Jerk, Bunny Hop, Hustle and Break Dancing.